Health Benefits of Toddler Trampoline

Over the years, the benefits of trampolines for kids have been overlooked, and trampolines are always considered as an unnecessary risk for preschoolers. This is especially so among parents with kids younger than 3 years, they consider the risk of being on a trampoline to be too high, and therefore overlook the benefits it provides.

As a matter of fact, a toddler trampoline will bring more good than harm if parents know how, and trampolines will provide a perfect opportunity to get kids some wholesome exercise like no other. But what of toddlers, what are the benefits of a toddler trampoline? We will explore answers to the question below.



Where to Place a Kid’s Trampoline?

You have just bought your kid a trampoline and you cannot wait to see the look on his or her face once you get home. But have you considered the safety of that child? Question on every parents mind is where to place the trampoline. Indoors or outdoors? (more…)


What Do You Know About Toddler Trampoline?

What is a toddler trampoline?

Actually, a toddler trampoline is a small version of the regular trampoline, except that it is made for kids ages 6 months to 4 years old (more…)


Toddler Trampoline with Bar – a Great Present for Little Boys and Girls

Parents might be amazed to find that toddlers seem to have endless energy all day long. Small kids love to jump on a trampoline, but for parents, the most important thing is to choose a right trampoline so that their sweat hearts will remain safe whilst jumping (more…)


How to Pick a Toddler Trampoline with Handle Bar?

If you are fully aware of the benefits of having a trampoline with bar, but just don’t know how to pick the most suitable one, or can’t decide which brands to choose from, you’ve come to the right place, I’ve done some product research on toddler trampolines, and I will give you recommendations which can be used as basic rules when selecting a trampoline with bar for toddlers. (more…)


3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Kids Trampoline with Bar?

Why is it important to buy a trampoline with handle for kids?

There are several reasons I can think of as to the importance of having your kids trampoline equipped with a handle bar. I’ll just list a few of them below (more…)


Weider Mini Trampoline – A Great Buy Under $50

Weider mini trampoline is perhaps one of the most searched and best rated mini trampolines that are sold under $50, if you type “mini trampoline” in Amazon search box, Weider mini trampoline is among the first ten items that get into your eyes. The reason for its popularity is quite obvious:

Weider mini trampoline is sold at a very attractive low price, around $40, and yet it lives up to its promise as a perfect body toning exercise equipment with high tension springs, and lots of other nice features.
Surely, you can’t expect more than some basic functions out of a low priced mini trampoline, but Weider mini trampoline stands out with well balanced functionality and features, and it has been proved by lots of reviewers to succeed in suiting various buying needs.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this trampoline for a long time, I am a trampoline lover and frequent internet shopper, I set up this website – – to help consumers like you find the best trampolines online, I worked hard to search through product reviews jungles on the net, and present to you all the nifty pros and cons. As for Weider mini trampoline, what great features does it have in the first place?

Weider mini trampoline features

  • One of the most admired features of Weider mini trampoline is that it has high-tension springs which ensure maximum bounciness, it functions through spring system instead of bands. Compared with mini trampolines made of bands of webbing, Weider mini trampoline is more like a traditional trampoline that uses metallic springs for bouncing. Although some consumers think spring-less trampolines are safer compared with those with springs, since they has no sharp spring ends, however, the spring trampoline is by no means the best in terms of bounciness and overall jumping experience.
  • It’s a small 36″ trampoline, so it can be easily stored in a clothes closet, and you can fold it in half if you have limited storage space.
  • Its jumping mat is made of decent polypropylene material that can lasts for many years to come.
  • In terms of easiness of storage, the trampoline is also super easy to store, as it is completely foldable, you can tuck it away in your cabinet in minutes with no hassle.

What are customers saying about this trampoline?

When I am doing product research on Weider mini trampoline, I found lots of first-hand, in-depth customer reviews that are priceless, and all these reviews adds up to give us a whole picture of the functions and quality of this trampoline. I will present a sketch in the following paragraph, so read on if you want to get some concrete, concise information.

Weider mini trampoline is great choice for those who want to have enough indoor exercises but do not want to disturb other people in the same room, one customer who is a college student even mentioned that she could do workout routines on this trampoline quietly without disturbing others, because her roommate could barely hear any thing.

This is a great trampoline for small kids. One consumer said she had looked at other expensive mini-trampolines for small kids and toddlers, but ended up buying this one, and she was quite happy with her buying decision after using it for several months, because her little daughter loved to jump on this trampoline. Weider mini trampoline is a safe option for kids and it helps them strengthen their balance and gross motor skills.

The trampoline is super easy to assemble, almost all customers agreed that the trampoline is so simple to assemble, all you have to do is to unfold and screw the legs on.

What are the cons?

One customer complained that it doesn’t ‘give’ too well, resulting in hurting ankles if you keep rebounding on the trampoline for a long time. So the suggestion is you get off constantly to rest your ankles.

One other complaint is about its legs. The legs are protected by plastic material than rubber, so the mini trampoline would slide on a tiled surface.


Get In Shape With Mini Trampoline Exercise Routines

When it comes to exercising and getting in shape, not many people think of mini trampolines as the first place to start their exercise routines. However, mini trampolines can be a lot of fun while helping you get into great shape at the same time. (more…)


Reap the Benefits of Indoor Workout – Mini Trampoline Exercises

A trampoline has not been an object of interest only for kids but for adults too. No matter what your age is, the moment you spot the colorful bouncing bed, you would have an irresistible urge to step on it and start jumping like kids. (more…)


The Benefits of Having a Mini Trampoline

If you don’t have a mini trampoline in your house, chances are that you’ve missed out on a great exercise which can change your lifestyle in a major way. In this post, you’ll find lots of interesting facts on the benefits of owning a mini trampoline. Why not consider buying a mini trampoline today and kick start your brand new, trouble-free workout routine at home? (more…)


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