Magic Circle Trampoline Review

Magic Circle Trampolines are manufactured by Backyard Toys and More, a company that provides fun and safe equipment for families to use. (more…)


Propel Trampoline Shopping Guide

Backyard fun is springing up and down on Propel Trampolines. Keep a family occupied for hours with gymnastic feats. Flip, jump, sit and bounce on a quality built trampoline. (more…)


Little Tikes Trampoline Review

In recent years, more and more attention has been focused on the problem of children’s inactivity, but The Little Tikes Company has actually been doing something about it since 1970 by designing products that stimulate children’s imaginations and encourage active fun.

Based in Hudson, Ohio, the company has manufacturing and distribution centers in Europe and Asia and became a part of MGA Entertainment in 2006. According to the company’s website, its products “help kids grow mentally, emotionally and physically through play” because they believe that “play really is a child’s work” ( I guess you could say that Little Tikes has made children’s play their business!

The company manufactures a multitude of products for various ages and activities, but my favorites include the trampolines for the younger set. Kids love to jump and pretend to fly, and trampolines offer a safer alternative than their beds! Little Tikes sells several bouncy toys, but when I researched Little Tikes trampolines, the three that appeared most frequently were the Little Tikes 7′ First Trampoline, the Little Tikes Bounce House Trampoline and the Little Tikes 3-Foot Trampoline, in that order.

All three trampolines are generally for smaller children. The Little Tikes 7′ First Trampoline, the biggest and most popular of these three, has a weight capacity of 100 pounds for ages 3 to 10 years. The Bounce House posts a weight limit of 70 pounds for ages 3-5, and the 3-Foot Trampoline only allows 55 pounds, but lists an age range of 3-6. Technically, all of the trampolines should not accommodate more than one child, but most reviewers tended to allow more as long as the combined weight was under the limit. Even though the 7′ First Trampoline is designed as an outdoor toy, many of the reviews mentioned that buyers put it indoors to provide their kids physical activity during bad weather days. In comparison, the Bounce House and the 3-Foot Trampoline are designed for indoor use only. One reviewer was pleased that her autistic son reacted positively to the opportunity for physical play on the 7′ First Trampoline. In general, most reviewers agreed that all three Little Tikes trampolines fulfilled their expectations for fun physical activity and creative play.

Some reviewers complained they had some difficulty with the required assembly, but a few added suggestions; for example, buyers should make sure there were at least two people to help. Some commented that the sun faded the color too quickly and the zipper broke quickly on the 7′ First Trampoline. One review also noted that it was too light because the wind “picked it up twice and tore it apart.” I think it is important to note that for every complaint, there were several positive comments to counter it. Every person likes a product based on his or her own expectations, but in general, Little Tikes trampolines were viewed as safe, fun, and entertaining by kids and parents alike.


Little Tikes My First Trampoline – Where To Buy

If you are looking to buy Little Tikes My First Trampoline, you will find the following reviews useful. Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline is not a cheap option, it costs around 200 bucks, however, it’s an excellent trampoline of choice. Most reviewers agree that it is one of the best 7-inch trampoline available in the market. (more…)


Little Tikes Bounce House Trampoline Review

Kids trampolines are becoming increasingly popular because it helps boys and girls burn off some extra energy while developing motor skills. Most buyers agree that the Little Tikes Bounce House Trampoline strikes the best balance between price and performance. (more…)


Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline – A Great Gift for Your Kids

Little Tikes 7′ Trampoline is an awesome 7-inch trampoline in the market that lives up to its name. has done some in-depth research on this trampoline model, and I have come up with a summary of pros and cons. (more…)


Little Tikes First Trampoline – Buy It Online

Linda, one of reader, has written this wonderful review to share her own experience while using the trampoline.

All winter my sons had been begging me to buy them a trampoline. Luckily, I was able to dodge the question by telling them that the weather was not nice enough and that we would talk about it more when summer came. (more…)


Sportspower 14′ Trampoline Review

Sportspower 14′ Trampoline and Safety Enclosure with Bonus Flashlight Zone (more…)


Pure Fun Mini Trampoline Top Picks

This review gives you recommendation on three types of Pure Fun mini trampolines, including pros and cons from honest customer opinions.

Pure Fun 40-inch mini trampoline

Helpful customer opinions

  1. Good news is that the trampoline is very easy to assemble, some say that it can be installed by one adult without any difficulty in less than half an hour. The moment you take it out of the box, your kids can almost instantly start jumping on it.
  2. This is the trampoline the whole family can enjoy. Everyone can exercise on it, although the product says for kids 3 years old and up, a two year old can also jump and climb on the trampoline to burn off extra energy, under the supervision of parents. It’s a short height off the ground so parents don’t have to worry about kids getting hurt.


Right now, offers the best deal on the internet of this Pure Fun trampoline.

Pure Fun 38-inch mini trampoline

Helpful customer opinions

  1. It was easy to assemble and disassemble, this mini rebounder is very easy to put together within 5 minutes, all you have to do is screw the legs on and you are ready to jump, one adult can complete assembling with great ease. It can also be easily stored under a bed once the legs are off.
  2. Pure Fun 38-Inch Mini Trampoline has the perfect size for your living room, it’s not too large to take up much of your home space, however, it has plenty of room on the jumping surface for you to do different types of exercises.
  3. The mini rebounder is suitable both for kids and adults. Kids can play on it every day, adult can also do exercise tricks or even meditation on it.
  4. The mini trampoline features real springs rather than a bungee cord, so it provides more bounce.
  5. There is customer who complain that a spring blew off on the first day of using, however, this is not a common case.


If you are looking for a well-made and easy assembly product for your kids to utilize their energy on, buy this one!

Pure Fun 36-inch kids mini trampoline

Product features

  1. This is a 36-inch mini trampoline designed especially for kids.
  2. The mini trampoline uses cord instead of springs, so it’s safer but bungee cord are sometimes less durable than springs.
  3. A supportive handrail is included so kids can get more support while bouncing, which is much safer. The handrail is also fully padded for more comfort gripping.
  4. A colorfully designed trampoline cover looks cute in kids’ room.
  5. It fits kids up to 75 lbs and suitable for kids ages 3 to 8 years.


I recommend this mini trampoline to anyone searching for a fun indoor activity for the kids.


Pure Fun First Jumper Trampoline Review

Main features

  1. This jumper has a bounce system that uses bungee cord instead of springs.
  2. It has a handrail which is supportive and safe for kids, and helps to add extra stability.
  3. The trampoline has a weight limit of up to 75 lbs. It’s just the perfect size for kids age 3 and above.
  4. It is designed especially for beginning jumpers, and provides a good way for kids to burn off their energy at home. (more…)

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