Needak Mini Trampoline Buying Tips

The Needak Rebounder is a new breed of mini-trampoline, it has patented spring mechanism that drives a very soft-bounce experience along with unparalleled quality.

If you take a look at the bestselling mini trampolines at the Needak store, you will find both soft-bounce and hard-bounce types. The major differences between the two are the weight limit and how bouncing impact is absorbed. (More Needak rebounder reviews)

Needak mini trampoline overview

Needak Soft-bounce rebounder has patented soft-bounce springs which work to reduce the impact of each bounce by over 85%. This is very important, because like jogging, rebounding exercise also puts some pressure on your knees and spine, buying a quality rebounder helps to greatly reduce the risks of unnatural strain on the jumper’s knees and spine.

On the other hand, Needak hard-bounce rebounder utilizes stiffer springs to create a harder bounce surface. It’s designed primarily for people who weigh 300 pounds or more, it also helps to prevent your feet from touching the ground when you’re landing after doing a high jump. If you are a skilled sportsperson maybe you might want to consider choosing the more rigid bounce of the Hard-Bounce Needak rebounder to have a more complicated workout.

Recommended Needak mini trampolines

Choice # 1: Needak Soft-Bounce Folding Rebounder

Reasons for buying:

  1. The soft bounce springs can support weight up to 300 pounds, which makes it suitable for most people.
  2. The soft bounce is designed to absorb over 85% impact from every bounce, giving you flexibility and comfort when you’re doing rebounding exercises.
  3. The mini trampoline is easy to fold and easy to use. This is a nice feature for those who want to store it or carry it around when on the move.
  4. Opening and closing a folding Needak are easier than you think, provides a detailed tutorial that walks you through the steps to fold the trampoline, it’s easy and quick.
  5. Made in USA guarantees product quality.

Choice # 2: Needak Hard-Bounce Non-Folding Rebounder

Reasons for buying:

  1. Unlike the folding trampoline, this rebounder does not fold in half, so it is primarily for people have enough room in their house, or who do not travel a lot.
  2. The hard-bounce rebounder has a harder bounce surface due to its stiffer springs, this mini trampoline is primarily for people who weigh 300 pounds or more, it also helps to prevent your feet from touching the ground when you are landing on the rebounder surface.
  3. If you are a professional athlete, the Hard-Bounce Rebounder is a perfect choice thanks to its stiffer bouncing surface, which gives you more challenges.



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