How to Improve Trampoline Safety for Kids? gives you some useful tips on safety precautions when using a trampoline.

1, Trampoline location

Any outdoor trampoline should be placed on a flat surface free from potential hazards. An ideal option is to set it up on your backyard lawn which is soft and energy absorbing.

2, Trampoline assembly

After setting up a trampoline, don’t rush to take a bounce on it, you should recheck that it is assembled correctly and all parts are connected securely. You are also recommended to check trampoline for safeness once or twice a month, make sure the jumping mat is not damaged, springs are not rusted and everything else is in perfect condition.

3, Adult supervision

Most kids love to play on a big trampoline, however, they must be supervised by adults each time they play, your kids also need to know some basic safety precautions to avoid getting hurt. For example, parents should tell kids to take off their glasses, watches, necklaces or anything that may cause wounds or injuries, and make sure kids are wearing clothes not too tight, and are fit for sports activities.

4, Recheck trampoline’s condition

Besides the above, there are also some other places that needs double checking before your kids jump start their fun activities, the jumping mat should be clear of impediments, side pads should cover all springs, and the enclosure should be locked in the right place.

5, How to use a trampoline correctly?

Do not let more than three kids on one trampoline jumping simultaneously no matter how big the equipment seems to be, because chances of getting hurt in collisions may arise sharply if there are more than one kid on the trampoline, make sure they keep a safe distance from each other. When someone is bouncing, other people should stand back a little and make sure that no kid or pet is underneath the trampoline.

6, Some don’ts

Kids should be told to jump in the center of a trampoline and stop talking too much while jumping, because this may cause distraction and lead to dangerous situations. When kids are jumping, they should never close their eyes or do tricks such as somersaults, because studies have shown that lots of trampoline injuries are from doing dangerous tricks that cause landing on the head. Do not let your kids get too exhausted while jumping on the trampoline, let them take some breaks so they can regain the energy necessary for controlling the bodies.