Get In Shape With Mini Trampoline Exercise Routines


When it comes to exercising and getting in shape, not many people think of mini trampolines as the first place to start their exercise routines. However, mini trampolines can be a lot of fun while helping you get into great shape at the same time. In fact, mini trampoline exercises are an excellent workout for excise enthusiasts of all types. In this article, we will discuss different mini trampoline exercise routines so you can become more familiar with this exhilarating piece of exercise equipment.

Mini Trampoline Exercise Routines- The First Steps

Before you begin with your mini trampoline workouts, it is very important that you become familiar with the trampoline. You can do this by practicing basic moves so you can familiarize yourself with how it feels to be on a trampoline and what type of risks there are as you get tired. Remember, no matter which type of exercises you plan to do, safety is always first.

The first basic step to working out on a mini trampoline is to make sure that you are able to get on and off the trampoline quite easily. As you first step onto a trampoline, put your foot in the center and gradually move all of your weight onto that foot while slowly lifting your back foot off the ground. This will help you maintain balance while you step on the trampoline for the first time. In order to step off, reverse the process. Also, many people will hold their hands out to their sides in order to maintain balance as they step on and off the trampoline.

The second step to becoming familiar with a mini trampoline is to practice bouncing up and down. As you begin bouncing for the first time on a trampoline, make sure that you only jump in the center so you can maintain your balance at all times. If this is your first time on trampoline, you may notice that you will begin to breathe a little heavy. If this happens, rest until your breathing slows down before beginning bouncing again. (In fact, if this is your first time exercising in some time, it may be a good idea to wear a heart rate monitor.) Once you have stepping on and stepping off a trampoline mastered as well as bouncing up and down, you are now ready for your mini trampoline warm up routines.

Each time you begin a workout routine on a trampoline, it is important for you to warm-up with stretching exercises. Stretching exercises that stretch the upper and lower body with a focus on the hamstrings and quadriceps are very good to perform before you begin your exercise each time. Once you have stretched, now it is time to step on the trampoline for your first series of bouncing exercises so you can warm-up for either walking, jogging or running. When performing bouncing exercises, start with a set of 10 to 15 repetitions and then gauge how heavy you are breathing. This will determine your cardiovascular fitness. Remember, it’s always important to start slow and when you’re beginning your bouncing exercises. During these exercises you can also add jumping jacks when you feel you are familiar enough with the trampoline. These two exercises are excellent warm-ups for our next phase.

Some Tips When Performing Your Workouts

One great exercise routine with the trampoline will involve simply walking, jogging or running in place. When performing any of these exercises on a trampoline it is best to start slow and then work your way up as you learn how to maintain your balance and increase your stamina on the trampoline. As you begin your walking routine on the trampoline, begin to walk in place with small steps and then gradually speed up the pace as while slightly lifting each foot off the trampoline. Remember to move your arms to the side as if you are walking outside so you get more cardiovascular benefit from this routine. As you feel more comfortable, move to a jogging pace while keeping your arms moving up and down as if you were jogging outside.

Once you’ve mastered this routine then, slow down and then begin to lift one foot to an even higher position mimic a marching move. Maintaining balance will be the main key when you begin to alternate your feet with a marching position. This exercise is also a wonderful stretch for your hamstrings. If this is too difficult at first, then spend more time with a trampoline so your body will learn to balance and then it will be easier over time. Each routine can be performed for a period of 30 seconds to 1 minute with rest in between. It is best to workout with a trampoline at least 2-3 times per week. Mini trampoline workout routines are excellent for your health and can even be incorporated with yoga for more challenging workout.



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