Skywalker 12′ Round Trampoline Review


What are the top features of this product?

Feature #1:Skywalker 12-foot round trampoline is relatively easy to assemble, however, you should know some installing tips.

Compared with most of the other trampolines in the market, Skywalker 12’ round trampoline is relatively easy to set up. Most customer reviews said that one adult can successfully install the trampoline in less than two hours, only with a little assistance for other people. Actually, most Skywalker trampolines are not that hard to install. This 12-foot trampoline is well made and quite easy to set up, it only takes a single person with average strength, but two people make the process go faster. The instructions are a little bit confusing and it helps to read them entirely prior to putting the trampoline together.

The hardest part of assembly is attaching the enclosure and the jumping mat with springs to trampoline, so read the instruction entirely first before you start.

Feature #2: Adults can also jump on the trampoline with kids because it’s pretty sturdy.

Skywalker 12-foot is a strong trampoline that can withstand bad weather conditions in your area and it is designed to last, for years of using. The following product features also help to increase the trampoline’s durability:

  • The trampoline frame is designed with rust-resistant heavy-duty galvanized steel, which greatly increase durability, also the steel frame carries 1 year warranty.
  • You may have noticed from the photo that Skywalker 12-foot has six W-shaped legs which is different from some of the other trampoline, W-shaped legs has more contact points on the ground, thus enhancing stability.
  • The trampoline also features some patented technologies, one of which is a weld T-bracket that eliminates frame twisting and strengthens each frame joint.
  • Skywalker 12-foot also features vinyl-coated safety pad which covers the frame and springs to add extra safety while your kids are playing. Also, it has a heavy-duty jumping mat that is made of UV-protected polypropylene to help prevent slipping.


Skywalker 12 foot Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure is a great trampoline that will provide hours of jumping fun for the whole family. It is safe for most kids and helps to promote healthy lifestyle by dragging them away from electronic games and computers.

In my next post, you can read a review on Skywalker 15′ round trampoline.


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