Trampoline Tent Shopping Guide


What is a Trampoline Tent?

With the summer now in full swing, families everywhere are heading outside to their backyards and local parks. Trampolines, long a fixture of many residential neighborhoods, attract children from all over for boundless fun. Unfortunately, trampolines have developed a reputation for being dangerous, a reputation that trampoline tents aim to solve. Tented trampolines utilize fabric and a steel or fiberglass frame to contain children on a trampoline while adding shade and decorative appeal.

Benefits of Using a Tented Trampoline

There are two main benefits to utilizing a trampoline with a tent attached rather than a traditional trampoline. Primarily, the tent adds safety by keeping children on the trampoline and preventing nasty falls. The vast majority of trampoline-related injuries occur due to falls from the trampoline, so the tent eliminates this risk with a durable fabric barrier. Additionally, trampoline tents provide shade for children while they use the trampoline, keeping them cool and extending the usable season for the play structure.

Trampoline Tents: Buying Guide

There are dozens of different brands of tents on the market, and nearly every company that installs trampolines will have some form of tented trampoline that they sell as well. JumpPod and Bazoongi make the most popular circus-house-like trampolines, and they each have several versions in whimsical designs that make the trampolines look like rocket ships, caverns, even castles.

When shopping for a trampoline tent, pay careful attention to the materials used in its construction. Plastic supports may be cheaper, but tents with padded steel frames will last longer and will be easier to set up. The fabric on the tent should be flame retardant, and it should be made of a durable yet breathable material. Nylon mesh has generally positive reviews, and some of the more-expensive canvas tents are also ideal.

One of the best trampoline tents on the market is the Bazoongi “tree house” trampoline tent. This tent is designed to give children more than 7 feet of head room that they can jump in, and it is made of polyester with a high quality fiberglass frame. The main benefit of this tent in particular is that it slides on and off the trampoline in minutes, so it is easy to set up for younger children and then take down for their older siblings. Unlike some of the other tented trampolines, this particular tent will not work with many standard trampolines but instead only functions in conjunction with the Bazoongi jump pod.


Trampoline tents are ideal for families that have small children, as these younger children will appreciate the imaginative designs and parents will be more comfortable knowing that their children cannot fall from the trampolines. However, these enclosures do not guarantee a child’s safety, and they are not intended as a substitute for supervision. All trampolines should be carefully monitored by an adult at all times, enclosed or not.


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